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Thursday, April 14, 2011

5 minute kids craft - Making art from boxes

Here is an easy peasy craft you can do with kids in 5 minutes. All you need are some old cereal boxes, toothpaste box or whatever box you can think of and a little imagination. Oh, and you will probably need some scissors, coloured paper, pencil and tape too. :P

First wrap the box up in coloured paper. Then ask your child to use his or her imagination to make a robot, a train, a bus, anything goes. Just give them a pencil to draw and decorate the box. I guess picture speaks louder than words, so here are some of our before and after pictures of this quick and easy craft for kids.

Before: A mini cereal box

After: A robot with on/off buttons including a "fly" button (according to the boy). He even threw in some stuff into the boxes before wrapping so that his robot will rattle when he shakes it.

The back of the robot includes a batter holder and a battery (so says the boy)

After: A girl  robot with long hair. It has start/stop buttons and buttons to sing, dance and walk
Before: A toothpaste box

After: A bus with a smiley face

After: Another bus with wheels (before decorations were added)

After: After decorations. A girl bus. It even has a "pintu kecemasan" (emergency door)

Making Art from Boxes: Two robots on buses going to town

Anything is  possible with a little imagination. The kids are having a fine time playing with their robots and buses. They are flying, rolling, turning them over and over, dancing, admiring, fighting etc with their new toy.


  1. Yes, kids don't need expensive toys to keep them entertained! Good way also to recycle those boxes

  2. What do you do with the crafts after playing/or get bored of it?

    I am not against it, we actually love to do craft. But I just have problem keeping/displaying them around the house. Once in a while when I get geram/or when they have collected enough dust, I will thrown them all away....and be guilty of creating more "rubbish".... OmO

  3. mom2kiddos,
    Your rocket was fantastic!

    After they get bored with them, I stash them in cupboards or boxes. Out of sight out of mind (mine that is. Haha.) Much much later when they discover it, they will have a good laugh from the memory of it when I show it to them but of course if it is too much junk then I will clear it once in a while.


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