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Monday, October 19, 2015

Turn Your Smartphone Or Tablet PC Into An edict With The AppleTree Dictionary App

Hi parents,

Today we would like to take some time to tell you how you can turn your smartphone or tablet PC into an electronic dictionary. Why carry so many devices around when you can make do with one? Realizing that, AppleTree has now come up with a dictionary app that has been tailor made for local Malaysian students. The AppleTree Dictionary app includes 20 dictionaries in 3 languages. When you install this app on your phone, you will be a walking dictionary, literally!

Who Is The Apple Tree Dictionary App For?

All Malaysian students both primary and secondary, college students and university students including, parents and educators both school teachers and tutors will find this app useful.

What You Will Get From The AppleTree Dictionary App

  • 8 Malay Dictionaries including the Kamus Dewan from Dewan Bahasa Dan Pustaka
  • 5 English Dictionaries including Pearson Longman Dictionary
  • 5 Chinese Mandarin Dictionaries
  • 1 Maths Dictionary (English)
  • 1 Science Dictionary (English)
Below is a screenshot of the 20 dictionaries. The dictionaries have cross search function and  example sentences are given for the words and definitions. Chinese dictionary input includes both pinyin and handwriting.

The dictionary list is a comprehensive one including dictionaries for Simpulan Bahasa, Peribahasa, Synonyms and Antonyms, Bilingual Malay-English, Bilingual Malay-Chinese, Bilingual English-Malay and Trilingual Malay-Chinese-English Dictionaries or Chinese-Malay-English so you can search any which way you like depending on which language you are more comfortable in.

What Are The System Requirements

At the moment the app supports Android devices with OS Version 4.2 and above, at least 1GB of free space and internet connection for installation and updates. However, most of the content can be used offline.

How Much Does It Cost?

The AppleTree Dictionary app is RM398. For this year-end, parents can purchase the app at a promo price of RM198. Members of our website get another RM30 off at RM168. Members Login to our website to find out how to claim your discount.

What Is Different About This App
  • When compared with free dictionary apps - Free dictionary apps offer you one free dictionary per app. The AppleTree Dictionary app gives you 20 dictionaries. 
  • When compared with an electronic dictionary - By doing away with the hardware and selling the dictionary app, now you can own a good electronic dictionary with 20 dictionaries at just a fraction of the cost it used to be. In addition, you do not need to own 2 devices. For example, you do not need to get your child a smartphone and an edict. You can get them a smartphone with e-dictionary capability or you can use a tablet computer in more ways now with the inclusion of the e-dictionary app. 
  • When compared with real book dictionaries - 20 bulky dictionaries have been compressed into an app so you save on shelf space and cost.

Who To Contact

Contact 03 928 51262/012-283 7154 or Whatsapp 012-3838860/012-396 6710 for more details and enquiries.

Facebook: AppleTree Malaysia
Website: http://www.appletree.com.my/

* You can also leave a comment below for the developer if you have any questions about the app.


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