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Friday, April 28, 2017

PT3 Sejarah 2017 Project Paper

History or Sejarah for PT3 is 100 per cent or fully project based.

The Tugasan Sejarah PT3 2017 or History Assignment for PT3 for the year 2017 is out.

The title for this year's assignment is:

"Peristiwa Bersejarah Di Tempat Tinggal Anda"

Anda dikehendaki membuat kajian tentang satu peristiwa bersejarah di tempat tinggal anda. Hasilkan satu laporan yang panjangnya tidak kurang daripada 300 patah perkataan.

Candidates are required to write a report of not less than 300 words. They are also required to do a presentation of their project papers. Time allocated for this is 3-4 minutes.
Here are some useful resources for PT3 students doing their Sejarah PT3 2017.
  1. Contoh Jawapan Tugasan Sejarah PT3 2017 Peristiwa Bersejarah from a blog called Miss Balqis Ordinary Girl - This gives you a good idea of what candidates are required to do
  2. PT3 Tugasan Sejarah Peristiwa Bersejarah Di Tempat Tinggal Anda from AndrewChoo.edu.my -This gives an example of how a completed project should look. There is a contoh or example link with tips.
  3. Jawapan Contoh Kerja Kursus PT3 Sejarah 2017 Peristiwa Bersejarah from MySumber.com - This gives an overview but at the point of writing, many parts are still missing or incomplete.
If you have a sample and would like to be added to this page, please leave a comment.  We will update the info as more samples become available.


  1. Boleh tak buat majlis perasmian?

    1. Tajuk boleh digunakan kalau guru sekolah terima. Sila minta nasihat guru ya. :)

    2. Boleh sangat.. ;)

  2. Boleh tak buat Hari guru.Ini sebagai tajuk contoh sahaja.Walaupun sya tahu semua bahgian iaitu iktibar,objektif kajian,rumusan,pendahuluan dan lain.Namun sya tak berani sangat untuk buat dan juga susun semua dan bagaimana mula so pls help me.This will help me a lot.

    1. Hello Stacey, it's good that you know how to do all the other parts required like iktibar, objektif, rumusan, etc. You should ask your teacher whether your topic is acceptable and the proper arrangement. All the best.

  3. Hari anugerah cemerlang

    1. Tajuk boleh digunakan kalau guru sekolah terima. Sila minta nasihat guru ya. :)


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